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A CLASS WORLDWIDE Srl International shipments Tel. 02 93148200 / Fax. 02 93148295


Our mission is to serve our customers according to their needs.


Since 1997 the company is emerging in a record span of time as one of the Italian leading freight forwarders.
The owners and management are known in relevant business circles for their reliability, dynamism, progressiveness, resourcefulness and value-added services since over 50 years.

A CLASS WORLDWIDE Srl is staffed by a team of seasoned professionals who have received training at home and abroad at leading institutions in the freight forwarding and related business fields.

A CLASS WORLDWIDE Srl offers services of transport and forwarding, logistics and distribution for domestic and international cargo.

Services are inclusive of pick-up and delivery with own vehicles and domestic partners for normal and express services, import and export for shipments by air (direct and consolidation) and by sea FCL/LCL. We operate as broker with own bonded warehouse.