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A CLASS WORLDWIDE Srl International shipments Tel. 02 93148200 / Fax. 02 93148295
Air Cargo

Air Cargo


Customs house clearance

Preparation of clearing documents and completion of customs formalities.

Freight forwarding

Door-to-door delivery, pick-up, loading, unloading, warehousing, packing and shipment of cargo to any destination in the world.

Air Freight Services

Being I.A.T.A. agents with access to all air lines contracts and way bills we can handle all kind of Air Freight shipments being them export and/or import. Our Air Freight Division is manned by experienced professionals who can handle Consolidations, Direct shipments, Specials, Door to Door deliveries and Warehousing. (I.A.T.A. Code 38.4.7094.001.2).

Worldwide Associates

A CLASS WORLDWIDE Srl has a worldwide network of partners offering personalised services to shippers and consignees for sea, air, road cargo and worldwide express services.


Network and Sales

We have offices in Milan, Rome, Livorno, Linate and Malpensa Airport. With sales representatives in Brescia, Verona, Turin, Parma, Bologna and Florence with a total of 12 sales representatives in Italy. The network is completed by agents in all ports and airports in the country.


Air Cargo Export – Import