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How to deal with customs requirements and global trade?

Is your company globally active? Do you have to deal with countless trade regulations and hurdles? Are you facing severe cost pressure with regards to duty savings and export opportunities? Our experts will help you maintain control over your entire supply chain and support you in strategic decisions, whereas in the area of customs procedures, free-trade agreements, export controls, or of course, I.T. process automation. Our team defends an interdisciplinary and global approach, which integrates end-to-end solutions: from legal support to international transformation projects, including risk assessment and the implementation of I.T.-Solutions.
Our Global Trade and Customs services portfolio

Consulting on global trade flows and customs procedures

Review and optimization of your national and international trade flows and customs procedures.

Consulting on customs regulations in Italy and abroad

Review of customs and trade-related regulations, which are relevant to your business on a global scale.

Legal advice

Legal representation and advise in customs matters, including international trade sanctions, boycotts, export controls (e.g. dual-use goods regulations) or import/export licenses. Information and assessment of customs procedures. Processes optimisation and binding information for Switzerland, the EU or other customs territories.

Optimisation of trade in goods

Implementation of regulations pertaining to origin determination (preferential and non-preferential), issuance of origin certificates and long-term vendor declaration. Advising and support regarding the Italians legislation. Ensuring the smooth interaction between all issues relevant for your supply chain, such as DUTY, VAT or transfer pricing.

I.T. solutions for Global Trade and Customs

Implementation of solutions for trade compliance, preferential origin and customs clearance. Assessment of software and system health check. Master data and documents management.

V.A.T. Support Services

Single-Point of contact for troubleshooting and regulatory watch (proactive alerts).

Immediate advice

Support for your staff via e-mail or over the phone.